Katalog kurzů

Erasmus Course Catalogue

Courses delivered in English in academic year 2019/2020


Course Catalogue

 Code Course Title Semester Credits
AKD1 Cultural history of English-speaking countries I Winter 2
ALIT1 English language literature I Winter 2
AJC1 English language practice I Winter 6
AJC3 English language practice III Winter 7
AJC5 English language practice V Winter 6
AFON1 English phonetics I Winter 3
AVVA History of the English language and its varieties Winter 3
AUPP Introduction to teaching practice Winter 3
ALDID1 Methodology I Winter 3
ALDID3 Methodology III Winter 2
AMOR2 Morphology II Winter 4
SPEMJV Specific teaching techniques for language teaching Winter 3
ASYN2 Syntax II Winter 4
VPROJAZ Teaching language systems Winter 3
APP1 Teaching practice I Winter 3
APP3 Teaching practice III Winter 3
AKD1 Cultural History of English-speaking countries II Summer 3
ALIT2 English language literature II Summer 4
AJC2 English language practice II Summer 7
AJC4 English language practice IV Summer 6
AJC6 English language practice VI Summer 7
AFON2 English phonetics II Summer 4
ALEX Lexicology Summer 3
ALDID2 Methodology II Summer 2
ALDID4 Methodology IV Summer 3
AMOR1 Morphology I Summer 3
APPLA Planning for teaching Summer 3
ASYN1 Syntax I Summer 3
AVCJSU Teaching a foreign language for specific purposes Summer 3
VREDOV Teaching language skills Summer 3
APP2 Teaching practice II Summer 3
APP4 Teaching practice IV Summer 3



For the available elective courses please contact Erasmus coordinator.

E-mail: leona.sedlackova@akcent.cz.


Course Catalogue – Electives

 Code Course Title Credits
ATVYG Approaches to teaching English grammar 2
AVUAZ Art of English speaking countries 2
ASLT Assessment in LanguageTeaching 2
AICTE1 Critical theory: an introduction 2
AICTE2 Critical theory: postmodernity and postmodernisms 2
AECP English for communicative purposes 2
AROSZ Extending vocabulary 2
AUAP Introduction to academic writing 2
AICF Introduction to cultural features of the English-speaking world 2
AUMOR Introduction to morphology 2
VDM Introduction to Teaching young learners 2
IHLAC1/2 LAC / Language Awareness Course 2
AMOSY Morpho-syntactic Analysis 2
MTET Multimedia in language teaching 2
ANARI Narrative: an introduction 2
AEXTR1 Reading 1: science fiction 2
AEXTR2 Reading 2: crime 2
AEXTR3 Reading 3: the contemporary American short story 2
AEXTR4 Reading 4: horror 2
ALITJV Using literature in language teaching 2