Studia Bohemica

Summer School of Czech, July 2017


Test Your Czech/Otestujte svou češtinu


The program offers:

  • Courses of Czech at various levels (from elementary to advanced). The objective of the courses is to develop and enhance students‘ language skills in spoken as well as written Czech.
  • A series of lectures. The lectures address three areas:
    • Czech and Central European culture, history, art, and literature
    • sociolinguistic and grammatical features of Czech
    • teaching Czech as a second language.
  • A series of (in-Prague as well out-of-Prague) fieldtrips. These represent an integral part of the program and serve to make students acquainted with cultural and historical aspects of the Czech Republic through an in situ experience. The fieldtrips are interconnected with the lectures.


Program Specifics

  • The program applies creative, multimedia, and interactive language teaching.
  • The number of participants is limited to 30 students. That facilitates
    • teaching in small groups,
    • individual attention to students’ academic needs
    • individual attention to students’ everyday needs in Prague.


Program dates: July 3 – July 27 2017

July 3rd 2017, Mon arrival
July 4th 2017, Tue orientation
July 5th 2017, Wed first day of classes
July 25th 2017, Tue last day of classes
July 26th 2017, Wed graduation ceremony end of the program
July 27th 2017, Thu departure


 Program costs

  • Residential student fee is 27.000 CZK.
    This covers tuition, teaching materials, accommodation, breakfast and lunch, excursions, and social events organised by the program, as well as the non-refundable deposit of 2.500 CZK.
  • Non-residential student fee is 16.500 CZK.
    This covers tuition, teaching materials, excursions, and social events organized by the program as well as the non-refundable deposit of 2.500 CZK.

The application fee is due at the same time as your application. The program fee has to reach our account no later than June 12th, 2017.


How to transfer the funds

Raiffeisenbank, a.s.
bank account No.: 2121141001
bank code No.: 5500
IBAN CZ28 5500 0000 0021 2114 1001


How to apply

The application process consists of three easy steps.

  1. Fill out the electronic application form.
  2. Fill out an assessment test of your Czech.
  3. Pay the nonrefundable deposit  of 2.500 CZK. This step will guarantee your spot on the program. The deposit is fully deductible from the program fee.

The application deadline is June 9th 2017. Do not put off applying as the number of spots is limited.


Studia Bohemica Application Form

Date of birth
/Datum narození:
/Mateřský jazyk:
Form of study
/Forma studia:

My knowledge of Czech/Znalost češtiny

Have you studied Czech
/Studoval(a) jste češtinu?
How long/Jak dlouho?
Estimate level of your Czech
/Odhadněte úroveň své znalosti češtiny

Test Your Czech/Otestujte svou češtinu

Each applicant has to take this test. In case you do not want to do it right now, you can do it later. The test is accessible directly from “the Summer School 2017” page. Your application to Studia Bohemica will not be completed without taking this test.

Každý uchazeč musí tento test vyplnit. Pokud nechcete test absolvovat nyní, můžete tak učinit později. Test je přístupný též přímo ze stránky “Summer School 2017”. Vaše přihláška na Studia Bohamica není úplná bez absolvování tohoto testu.




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