Course catalogue

The Course Catalogue lists all courses (delivered in English) available to Erasmus students. The number of ECTS credits is stated as well as course descriptions, course requirements and recommended reading lists. 


In accordance with the ECTS credit system a full work load is 30 credits per semester. 
Erasmus students may choose from more than 40 courses. 


Courses delivered in English in academic year 2019/2020


Course Catalogue

 Code Course Title Semester Credits
AKD1 Cultural history of English-speaking countries I Winter 2
ALIT1 English language literature I Winter 2
AJC1 English language practice I Winter 6
AJC3 English language practice III Winter 7
AJC5 English language practice V Winter 6
AFON1 English phonetics I Winter 3
AVVA History of the English language and its varieties Winter 3
AUPP Introduction to teaching practice Winter 3
ALDID1 Methodology I Winter 3
ALDID3 Methodology III Winter 2
AMOR2 Morphology II Winter 4
SPEMJV Specific teaching techniques for language teaching Winter 3
ASYN2 Syntax II Winter 4
VPROJAZ Teaching language systems Winter 3
APP1 Teaching practice I Winter 3
APP3 Teaching practice III Winter 3
AKD1 Cultural History of English-speaking countries II Summer 3
ALIT2 English language literature II Summer 4
AJC2 English language practice II Summer 7
AJC4 English language practice IV Summer 6
AJC6 English language practice VI Summer 7
AFON2 English phonetics II Summer 4
ALEX Lexicology Summer 3
ALDID2 Methodology II Summer 2
ALDID4 Methodology IV Summer 3
AMOR1 Morphology I Summer 3
APPLA Planning for teaching Summer 3
ASYN1 Syntax I Summer 3
AVCJSU Teaching a foreign language for specific purposes Summer 3
VREDOV Teaching language skills Summer 3
APP2 Teaching practice II Summer 3
APP4 Teaching practice IV Summer 3



For the available elective courses please contact Erasmus coordinator. 



Course Catalogue – Electives

 Code Course Title Credits
ATVYG Approaches to teaching English grammar 2
AVUAZ Art of English speaking countries 2
AICTE1 Critical theory: an introduction 2
AICTE2 Critical theory: postmodernity and postmodernisms 2
AROSZ Extending vocabulary 2
AUAP Introduction to academic writing 2
MDUSA Modern History of USA 2
AUMOR Introduction to morphology 2
VDM Introduction to Teaching young learners 2
ALAC1/2 LAC / Language Awareness Course 2
AMOSY Morpho-syntactic Analysis 2
ANARI Narrative: an introduction 2
AEXTR1 Reading 1: science fiction 2
AEXTR2 Reading 2: crime 2
AEXTR3 Reading 3: the contemporary American short story 2
AEXTR4 Reading 4: horror 2
ALITJV Using literature in language teaching 2


The detailed list of lectures and seminars is available here:

Detailed_list_of_courses_AJ_2 [PDF, 116 kB]